Google Passes Microsoft’s Market Value

According to the Bloomberg Report this morning, Google rose 1 percent to $761.78 at the close in New York, gaining a market capitalization of about $249.9 billion. Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker, fell less than 1 percent to $29.49, for a valuation of $247.2 billion.

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This is a Test!

First Post, New Blog, Playing Around… Stay tuned, Big things coming soon!

I Think it’s Time…

Some people are probably wondering why nothing has been posted here in a while, well one; I’ve been busy as all hell (thank god!) and I’ve finally come to terms that a responsive website is NECESSARY now!

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Inside Look: Saul Bass

I ran across this awesome article on 99designs and thought they really did an awesome job, so I had to share it with you… If you don’t know who Saul Bass was, he was a legendary designer who’s designed some of the most timeless designs for some of the largest brands ever. Think ATTGirl ScoutsKeeenex, and the list goes on….

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Alexander Grotesk Typeface

I saw this font about a month back and loved it immediately, when someone I’ve been following for a while, Wete out of Barcelona, posted it on his Behance account. Joan Ramon Pastor did a superb job with Alexander Grotesk mixing some of the most significant features from the uber-famous DIN and Avant Garde faces. As soon as it was available, I grabbed it! I highly suggest you do the same… just $10 over at tendollarfonts. Enjoy!