7 Reasons Your Brand Will Never Be as Awesome as Apple

I just loved this article I read over at the HubSpot Blog, very humorous filled with great advice.

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Inside Look: Saul Bass

I ran across this awesome article on 99designs and thought they really did an awesome job, so I had to share it with you… If you don’t know who Saul Bass was, he was a legendary designer who’s designed some of the most timeless designs for some of the largest brands ever. Think ATTGirl ScoutsKeeenex, and the list goes on….

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9 Principles for Great Branding

I came a cross the interesting article via FastCompany a few weeks back where they interview 3 seasoned designers, Robert Brunner, author of Do You Matter: How Great Design Will Make People Love Your Company; Joe Doucet, founder of Joe Doucet Studio and David Hill, vice president of design at Lenovo and author of the Design Matters blog. These guys really touch on some great points, check it out here!

Vintage Logos Photostream

I came across this photostream the other day and found it highly click-able… I thinks it’s awesome to scroll through these and see logos that have truly withstanded the test of time. Check out the stream here!