Caffeine Lab on Google Drive

Here’s something fairly new I found out the other day… Google is crossing over their Google Docs to a full fledged cloud service now known as Google Drive… Competition is harsh out there for free cloud storage providers (Dropbox: 2GB free account, 2Shared: 15GB free account, and the list goes on), but I think what Google lacks in free space (5GB) it makes up for it in it’s bells and whistles.

Now all Caffeine Clients will have their own folder on Caffeine’s secure Google Drive where they will find all their files, track revisions, store finals and transfer large file to the folder with ease.

Aircolors Photogram Series

I ran across this the other day via Planetary Folklore and thought it was worth sharing… It’s a set of abstract Photograms by Lisa Gidley for an ongoing series called Aircolors which are made in a traditional color darkroom.

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Photoshop CS6 Beta

I just saw this the other day, VIA Adobe‘s newsletter so I grabbed the beta and Whoa! This thing is awesome… Not only did they update the UI, to further their goal of re-branding all their apps to have the “same feel”(success!), they added a bunch of awesome new features, like video!

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Megaupload Seizure Order “Null and Void”

I probably wasn’t the only one bummed to see that they shut down Megaupload a few months ago. If you don’t know, Mega has been around for much longer that most cloud services and I’d bet that most of the services nowadays are modeled after them. Years before cloud hosting was even popular, Megaupload provided free, secure reliable services… I’ll miss you. Hopefully we’ll see them make a comeback!

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PantoneLive is Here!

With PantoneLIVE, digital brand color lives in a secure, centralized cloud system, accessible to brand owners, designers, production staff, everyone in the supply chain, anywhere around the globe and ensures a consistent global brand identity. Looks really handy for companies doing a lot of global production.

Killer New Open-Source Typeface

I saw this this typeface a while back when Collecting it first cheap jerseys appeared on and the Google’s Web Fonts site when it was first trying to T&C get funding. I guess the project reached Considering it’s goal, and Exo by Natanael Gama is ready to be served to cheap jerseys the public absolutely free. Not only HeMa-lezen does Exo look wholesale nba jerseys absolutely sick, but it performs like a pro with Frames it’s Small CapsAlternates and Ligatures.  Big thanks Solid to everyone Infamous that was involved Gifts in this project.

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