Foldy960 Responsive Grids

I ran across these Foldy960 Grids the other week while compiling data for the Microsoft Website Redesign post and found these quite useful in helping me understand the workings of Responsive Design from a couple of innovators… It’s a little kit and some extra classes to get you going on making your design responsive.

Circular Patterns From Text Phrases

I ran across this last week and it immediately got a post to our Facebook account, after playing around with it for a week, I really think it deserves a post on the ol’ blog. With Phrase, it’s a breeze to make killer, meaningful circular patterns by just copy and pasting a phrase (also good for keeping track of letters, etc.).  One thing, I wish the output file was a vector source, this way it would be easier to edit and adapt. Nonetheless, biggups to Really Simple for making this one happen and being People’s Choice for 10k Apart.

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I Think it’s Time…

Some people are probably wondering why nothing has been posted here in a while, well one; I’ve been busy as all hell (thank god!) and I’ve finally come to terms that a responsive website is NECESSARY now!

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Free Vector Icons

I was on one of my favorite Envato tutorial sites, VectorTuts and and ran across these nifty little icons. I found them quite handy so I figured I’d share them. Need more free vector icons? Check out the main VectorTuts post.

iPad GUI PSD (Retina Display)

Teehan+Lax bring us their newest freebie in the form of the iPad 4 User Interface elements… This, and all the other downloads off their site are super-high quality made with vector shapes and layer styles.

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Futurico – Free User Interface Elements Pack

I picked this UI pack up a couple months ago off Vladimir Kudinov‘s Behance posting and it’s been very good use ever since. I’ve been following Vlad on Behance since I’ve singed up and he’s been quite an inspiration. No wonder why he has the most downloaded free UI pack on the net. Big-Him-Up here if you dig the freebie!