I Think it’s Time…

Some people are probably wondering why nothing has been posted here in a while, well one; I’ve been busy as all hell (thank god!) and I’ve finally come to terms that a responsive website is NECESSARY now!

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Inside Look: Saul Bass

I ran across this awesome article on 99designs and thought they really did an awesome job, so I had to share it with you… If you don’t know who Saul Bass was, he was a legendary designer who’s designed some of the most timeless designs for some of the largest brands ever. Think ATTGirl ScoutsKeeenex, and the list goes on….

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Alexander Grotesk Typeface

I saw this font about a month back and loved it immediately, when someone I’ve been following for a while, Wete out of Barcelona, posted it on his Behance account. Joan Ramon Pastor did a superb job with Alexander Grotesk mixing some of the most significant features from the uber-famous DIN and Avant Garde faces. As soon as it was available, I grabbed it! I highly suggest you do the same… just $10 over at tendollarfonts. Enjoy!

Free Vector Icons

I was on one of my favorite Envato tutorial sites, VectorTuts and and ran across these nifty little icons. I found them quite handy so I figured I’d share them. Need more free vector icons? Check out the main VectorTuts post.

Caffeine Lab on Google Drive

Here’s something fairly new I found out the other day… Google is crossing over their Google Docs to a full fledged cloud service now known as Google Drive… Competition is harsh out there for free cloud storage providers (Dropbox: 2GB free account, 2Shared: 15GB free account, and the list goes on), but I think what Google lacks in free space (5GB) it makes up for it in it’s bells and whistles.

Now all Caffeine Clients will have their own folder on Caffeine’s secure Google Drive where they will find all their files, track revisions, store finals and transfer large file to the folder with ease.