7 Reasons Your Brand Will Never Be as Awesome as Apple

I just loved this article I read over at the HubSpot Blog, very humorous filled with great advice.

Gangnam Style Live on NBC’s Today Show

Surprisingly, I’ve gained new respect for this dude, he really gets the crowd into it! Check it out!    

New Latinotype Typefaces

One of my favorite foundries at the moment, pushing out awesome designs, Latinotype is a new digital type foundry established in the year 2007 in the city of Concepción, Chile. Their goal is to design new typefaces remixing diverse influences related to our South American identity (most often known as “latino”) with high quality products […]

Non-Destructive Editing Techniques

I just ran across this cool tutorial on PSDTUTS and thougt it had some awesome info about maximizing your efficency as a designer, and personally I feel non-destructive editing is key. If you are unfamiliar with non-destructive editing, in a nutshell it means not making permanent alterations or do damage to the original image file data […]

Google Passes Microsoft’s Market Value

According to the Bloomberg Report this morning, Google rose 1 percent to $761.78 at the close in New York, gaining a market capitalization of about $249.9 billion. Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker, fell less than 1 percent to $29.49, for a valuation of $247.2 billion.

This is a Test!

First Post, New Blog, Playing Around… Stay tuned, Big things coming soon!