Typography That’s Bi-lingual and 3D

This typography project is bi-lingual and 3D, what a mix, this is part of a new project from Andrey Danilov in collaboration with Muei San. This whole project of the word TYPE was deeply influenced by the works of Switzerland sculptor Markus Raertz. The artistic duo decided to erase a very clear boundary between Eastern and Western typography […]

Google Car: It Drives Itself!

I just saw this, the Google Car, I just had to re-post this… This is the future, it really drives itself! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hVESZiRcv6c

NYTE Typeface Reviews

Dino Dos Santos captured the best of both worlds in this extraordinary typeface. Really, just look at the printed pages and you’ll see, this face is not like Esta or Georgia, etc. With the originality, most noticeably stated in the “k’s” and cursive “g’s”, it’s NYTE, designed specifically for the New York Times Magazine. I […]