Art of Printmaking- Marimekko since 1951

Surfing the web today, and my eyes were instantly brought to the bright bold prints of Marimekko who have been around since 1951 printing unique prints in-house in Helsinki, Finland where their heart of the company is located.  Not only does this location contain their textile printing headquarters but houses a showroom and stores as well.

Their prints go through many steps before being produced on different mediums to display this amazing eye catching art. Marimekko encourages their artists to input their inspiration and views of everyday life into the art they produce, and each artist has their own way to accomplish this. After the artist has created a sketch, on to the next step, the studio transforms this into a repeat pattern with up to 12 different colors can be used at a time.

From here, they can get the screens ready for printing the amazing patterns that have been born, and how many screens depend on the pattern’s complexity. With this they can now print a sample so that it can be approved or disapproved to go onto the next step or not.

Once the design has been approved, it goes on to be printed onto various fabrics that are all examined before resale. At this time, the name of the designer, the year it was created, and design name will be printed on the right side of the fabric. After final inspection the printed fabric can be sent out to Marimekko stores around the world or turned into various other mediums sold by Marimekko such as apparel, bags, bed spreads etc.




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